The Gods Home Mountains have forever been harsh on those who brave its climbs and foothills. But the lure of wealth has brought many to the region to trade with the Iron Oath dwarves who plumb the mountains depths for its rich ores. These hardy folk have carved out simple lives in the wilds, growing small towns from small outposts and plowing fields once covered in high grasses into a patchwork of farmsteads scattered throughout the region.

But terror now soars on out-stretched wings amid the snow covered peaks of the looming mountains, and something has stirred goblin-kind from their fetid holes to once again prey upon the civilized races, spreading fear and panic all along the Sunset Road. Who will put the vermin back in its place? Who will not quake in the shadow of their doom, but stand steadfast and resolute in defense of their homes?

If you have the heart to face the challenges before you, the fortitude to endure the rigors of adventure, and the wits to defeat a cunning and elusive foe, then stand and take your place as a Hero of the Realms.

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Flames of Retribution Campaign

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