Flames of Retribution Campaign

For Whom the Bell Tolls

When last we saw our intrepid heroes…

…they were sleep deprived and preparing to engage more zombies just outside of Ricketstowne, a small collection of homesteads that had been abandoned many years ago.

After surviving a third wave of undead, the party decided to move from the woods to the perceived safety of the abandoned thorpe. They soon learned that safety was not to be found, though. As the heroes entered the thorpe they were put on alert by the remains of two slashed zombies and one mutilated orc corpse lying in the center of the road.

Rolf and Ough began to methodically scout the nearby buildings while Collin and Syrict provided covering bow fire from the road. A low moan soon began to emanate all around them as Rolf and Ough were set upon between two buildings. The first zombie was quickly dispatched by a mighty throw of Ough’s hammer which blasted through the vile creature’s rotted skull to land in the high weeds some distance away. The second monster was felled by Rolf who then moved to confront any other threat.

Collin and Syrict moved to a better supporting position as Ough moved further away from his friends to retrieve his hammer. As more rotting corpses wandered from other buildings, Ough was surprised by a vicious blow from an previously unseen zombie. He killed it in time, just not in enough time to help Rolf fight off the two zombies that had closed in on him to pummel his head. Collin and Syrict moved in tandem raining barbed destruction down on everything they could.

The heroes progressed through the small group of buildings until they found the source of the walking dead: an old graveyard behind a worn, stone church. They continued to dispatch the abominations with relative ease until Ough’s god seemingly turned his back on him and refused to grant Ough the power to turn the undead, and Syrict’s bow string snapped and he was forced into battle with only his magical dagger.

The undead swarmed, forcing the party back into a tighter circle to support each other. Syrict was caught outside the protection of his friends, though, and was soon knocked unconscious by a hungry female zombie with matted, long blonde hair. At risk to themselves, Collin, Rolf and Ough each tried what they could to destroy the monster before it devoured Syrict, but their attacks failed and they watched in horror as Syrict was ripped open in a spray of blood and the golden-tressed corpse began to feed on his flesh.

With Syrict’s fate sealed, the remaining heroes redoubled their efforts and soon destroyed all the zombies. Exhaustion beginning to overwhelm them, the group collected Syrict’s personal belongings (to settle his affairs when they returned to Hamptonshire, I’m sure) and then began searching the sturdy church building for a safe place they could spend the rest of the night. Finally, barricaded in a small windowless library, they closed their eyes and slept, unconcerned about what might be happening just outside their door.


Such an ignominious end for such a steadfast, witty, and jovial friend.
-Collin Mudfjord

For Whom the Bell Tolls

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