Flames of Retribution Campaign

A Poisonous Bite

When last we saw our intrepid heroes…

…they were in a chapel in Ricketstowne resting in a small, windowless room, pushed to near exhaustion by multiple battles with zombies.

Secured in the room, the three remaining members of the party slept soundly until late morning before Ough was awakened by a mouse crawling across his bearded face. After awaking the others with his surprised flailing, he, Collin, and Rolf eschewed breakfast and began searching the building of their refuge.

They found the building empty for the most part: broken furniture in bed chambers, table and chairs in a meeting room, an empty vestry. But in a small, private altar room they found the hidden treasure of the prior occupants.

Upon inspecting the private altar, Rolf located a small catch near its base. He then had Collin search the altar for traps before triggering the catch that released the altar, which was then pushed aside. In a hollow beneath the altar, they found a large chest filled with large sacks of coins—copper coins. After taking three sacks of coins, they left the rest behind to explore further. Meh, it’s only copper, the coin of the poor and destitute. Who needs it?

After making their way back to the sanctum’s entrance, they pushed the large double doors open to reveal a pentagonal room with late morning light flooding in through a partially collapsed ceiling and broken stained-glass window; a natural stone, flat-topped altar rose from the floor near the center of the room with debris scattered about and wisps of cobwebs hanging from the darkened corners of the rafters.

Ever sharp-eyed, Ough was the first to spot the skittering of small spiders in the webbing near the breached ceiling, so naturally he was the first to move into the room and brave their wrath, calling upon the power of his god to smite the little beasts. His call went unanswered though, for like forgetting to eat breakfast, he also forgot his morning prayers. He settled for bashing the spiders with his hammer like a true dwarf…or at he least tried to.

With the appearance of more spiders, to include a larger, more menacing monstrosity, Rolf made his way into the room to fight while Collin stayed in the doorway and provided more supporting fire with his crossbow—something he does well and often.

After a heated battle in which the party learned it was easier for a spider to bite an armored warrior than for an armored warrior to hit a spider, the party prevailed with only Rolf and Ough injured—Ough being near death and paralyzed—and Collin unharmed as usual.

Collin used a magical draught to stabilize Ough (though he was still paralyzed) while Rolf blasted the head from a lost zombie that stood looking in the window. And then, within two hours of awakening, the party again retreated into the small, secured room to lick their wounds—and maybe eat something.


There is something wrong with a village with so many monsters…manic-depressive God perhaps?

A Poisonous Bite

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